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About Me

I am a glass artist and illustrator based in Swindon, Wiltshire. I have always been interested in art and crafts, however decided not to pursue these disciplines for my degree. Instead I opted to do an MSci in International Relations at the University of Nottingham, graduating in 2014. However, during the 4th year of my degree I was given, as a present, a day’s course learning how to create kiln-formed, or fused, glass, and from then on I was hooked. I subsequently started a kiln-formed glass business under the name Samsara Glass Designs.


When finding inspiration for my pieces, I always look to colour. The world is so full of bright, fun colours, and art glass is great for showing that off. Life is so much happier with colours, which is something I hope to bring into people’s homes with my colourful plates, bowls and pictures, as well as my dichroic jewellery.


All the items have been cut by hand, assembled flat and then fired in a kiln to almost 800oC, which melts the glass, fusing the layers together.


I have more recently started exploring illustration and have just completed an AS Level in Graphic Design and Illustration at New College, Swindon. I love exploring the medium of watercolour, simple ink illustrations using techniques such as crosshatching and stippling, as well as doing more complex illustrations and artwork digitally.


I am open to doing commissions. My work can also be found online on Etsy/Folksy, and Instagram (@sashastowe).